Lego 910002 Studgate Train Station


Hello traveller!

Welcome to Studgate, the main station of the city with the largest number of visitors where thousands of Minifigures pass through this station every day.

This set is a 19th century concept station with new modern acquisitions, large glazing to gain more light, and computer systems for ticket access.

The station has three heights. At its base, there is access to the first floor or terrace, along with an accessible entrance for people in wheelchairs that leads to the platform. Once there, the platform allows access through the footbridge. For wheelchairs there is a level crossing on the right side of the station for better access to the platform.

Some details have been included like the ticket machine, the hot dog stand, two telescopes to admire the city, newspapers, rest areas with shades and even a chandelier that hangs from the top of the dome.

The train is made up of two subway-style cars, ease to include the wheelchair (removing a seat), and several Minifigures thanks to the folding roof. The base of the seats can be easily removed for a motorization of the train (motor not included).

The glass vault can be deployed to even have better access to display the Minifigures or the train. The edges of the platforms can be adjusted to the needs of other larger trains thanks to tilting platforms.

They are 11 characters that accompany us, like the Station master, two train drivers, A hot dog stand manager, a girl in a wheel chair and several travelers more.

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